A Love Story

Are you ready to capture your special day? We want to hear your love story! We at LTF specialize in capturing the moments with every frame. We turn the footage into a memory that will last forever. Please contact us to inquire about the packages provided below. We are excited to hear about your story!



  • 2 Videographers

  • Drone Footage

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • Audio Recordings

  • 4-6 mins Cinematic Highlights


  • 3 Videographers

  • Drone Footage

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • Audio Recordings

  • 10-15 mins Documentary Style


Anthony, Andrew, and Terrill were amazing! I feel like I'm reliving my wedding day every time I watch it. We felt comfortable and trusted them from the get go to capture our modern Downtown LA wedding at the Hudson Loft. Months before the big day, they organized a group chat to get to know us, our story, and vibe. We explained we wanted a cinematic feel, and that we wanted it to be sincere and joyous (instead of serious model status, since our personalities are too silly for that). They executed beyond our expectations! It was a beautifully shot video that perfectly conveyed the love, happiness, and fun we felt that day. 

For the finished highlight video, we were blown away! They even sent over multiple drafts as they took our input as well. Their cinematic style perfectly weaved together the best moments of the evening. And as a videographer myself, I appreciate all the details they put into their editing process and cinematography, the camera movements, and color grading. Bonus -- they provided us extra footage of Tammy's reaction to my music video during the reception...and it went viral!

-Josh and Tammy


The LTF team is incredible!  When my wife and I were looking for wedding videographers, LTF stood out because they don't just make cinematic wedding videos with great shots.  Instead, they go a step further and clearly spend a lot of time thinking of how to best capture the story of your wedding.  This makes their videos so lively, you'll want to re-watch them over and over again.  We knew we had to work with LTF for our wedding.

Prior to the wedding, the LTF team took time to get to know us, how we fell in love and what our values are.  This seemed like a simple, kind gesture at the time, but LTF actually used this information as the foundation for crafting us an amazing wedding video later on.

On the day of the wedding, things can be so chaotic with everyone asking for your attention.  We felt so lucky to have the cool, calm, friendly LTF team.  These guys would pick their spots and get the footage they need within the flow of the day's events.  Amazing, professional work, they were a big part of our wedding and my wife and I couldn't stop complimenting them.

Finally, when we received the wedding video, we were totally speechless.  The song selection, the attention to detail, the timing between lyrics and video clips, the creative angles to make the video dynamic.....LTF is unreal talented.  They told our story perfectly and created a video that my wife and I will cherish watching over and over again throughout our marriage.  

Thank you Andrew, Anthony and Terrill!  You three are extremely talented and have lifelong advocates and fans in us.

- Eric and Audrey Tam


BEST. VIDEOGRAPHERS. EVER. It's been over a year since my wedding yet everytime I watch my video, I can vividly remember the details and emotions I had felt on my special wedding day. Anthony, Andrew, and Terrill are an amazing, gifted, and talented group of artists. Watching the final video for the first time gave us the chills and made us cry tears of joy all over again.

On the day of, the three of them were so much fun to have around and captured our best selves throughout the day. They took the time out to scout out all locations (i.e. from the hotel that we were getting ready, to the ceremony and reception space), and got to know both my husband and I to understand what we really wanted. During interview shoots, they captured the perfect moments and weaved them perfectly together with candid shots to tell our love story.

We could not recommend anyone better. If you are getting married, LTF will make it the most memorable experience to revisit. Thanks again LTF! You made us feel and look like rockstars on our special day.

- Andrew and Connie Tseng